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Pulse Ingredients

AGT Foods' PulsePlus™ product offering is a diverse portfolio of pulse ingredients, including pulse brans (fibres), pulse proteins, PulsePlus™ Flour V-6000™ and pulse flours. Pulse ingredients are fine powdered materials created from the fractions of high-quality peas, lentils and chickpeas, made without the use of processing aids or chemical compounds. Pulse ingredients are food-grade products that offer natural, GMO-free solutions to increase the nutritional value of foods without altering flavour, aroma and colour properties. Pulse ingredients are an important component for human-grade food ingredient uses and branded feed products including pet foods and aquaculture.

In addition to its portfolio of nutritious pulse ingredients, AGT Foods features a technical team with the expertise to help manufacturers develop unique food solutions.

Contact AGT Foods to learn how our portfolio of pulse ingredients can improve your formulated food products.