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The world consumes a lot of pulses. The most asked question outside of the pulse consuming areas is "what do I do with them"? Well, the answer to that question would be just enjoy them! 

Pulses are high fibre, low glycemic index, high protein and very nutritious. They are excellent foods for those who are managing diabetes, heart disease or just watching their weight. In many places pulses are the main protein source in meals, especially in regions that are largely vegetarian. On their own, in soups, stews, main dishes or even desserts, pulses are good to eat and good for you. 

Below you will find resources to pulse recipes and a few of the Alliance Grain Traders favorites.




Bean Recipes

Norma's Baked Beans
Refried Beans
White Bean Fiesta Salad
Bunny's Baked Beans
Spinach and Pinto Beans
Sweet Bean Tarts
Soybean Chili
Macaroni and Kidney Bean Bake
Hot Chicken Chili
Mexican Bean Beef Soup
Navy Bean Soup
Baked Beans
Baked Kidney Beans with Honey
Quick Chili Con Carne
Stuffed Green Peppers au Gratin
Macaroni and Kidney Bean Bake
Bean Patties with Barbecue Sauce
Wiener and Bean Buns
Cream of Bean Soup
Maritime Baked Beans
Quebec Baked Beans
Bean Loaf
Soybean Macedoine
Zesty Baked Beans
Sweet and Sour Bean Salad
Three Bean Bake
Baked Soybeans
Bean Soup
Lima Bean Soup
Bean Salad
Quick Baked Beans
Vermont Bean Soup
Black Bean Soup
White Bean Salad
Bean and Tomato Chowder
Black Bean Soup - Mexican Style
Buckaroo Beans
Super Bean Dip
Vegetarian Chowder
Refried Beans
Mexican Salad
Sauerkraut Slaw
Some Like it Hot
Bean and Barley Salad


Other Recipe Resources

Recipes and resources can also be found at the Pulse Canada recipe database.


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