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Pay for Protein


AGT Foods is the first company in Saskatchewan to offer Pay for Protein, providing growers with price premium for high-protein yellow peas. 


How it Works

  Bring a yellow pea sample to any AGT Foods location in Canada or the U.S.


AGT Foods’ ingredient processing facility will analyze the sample’s protein content   You’ll get a premium on your yellow peas: the more protein,
the higher the premium!



Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the normal level of protein content? What influences protein levels in peas? 

  • Normal levels of protein content for yellow pea usually fall somewhere between 21-23% in an average year. However, those numbers will vary based on a number of factors, most significantly weather patterns throughout the growing season. 
  • Higher temperatures during pod and seed development can push protein levels closer to 24-25%.
  • Other factors such as soil quality and the amount of fertilizer and nitrogen in the soil can also affect levels.  

How much will my premium be?

  • If you qualify based off your sample, premiums can range between 10 to 25 cents per bushel, depending on protein content.

Where can I send my sample?

  • You can send your sample to any AGT Foods location in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or North Dakota. Find a location near you.