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Grow What Markets Demand

Your soil is your biggest asset, and what you put in the ground opens new opportunities. You don't just grow what you can—you grow what markets want, and that's the best quality pulses and specialty crops, starting with the best seed and efficient use of inputs. 

AGT Foods offers diversified opportunities with exclusive contracting programs for pulse growers across Western Canada.

Exclusive contracting with AGT Foods offers producers the opportunity to grow premium pulse varieties that are in very high demand in world markets. These varieties offer the potential for marketing premiums and excellent returns on investment.

Varieties available through AGT Foods include:

  • King Red Lentils – Extra large red lentil in high market demand.
  • Queen Green Lentils - Unique green cotyledon lentils with premium pricing opportunities.
  • B90 Chickpeas – The preferred chickpea for canners and hummus producers.
  • Faba Beans (9-4) – Frost-tolerant with increased nitrogen fixing properties.
  • Premium seed options for red lentils, peas, chickpeas, pinto beans, french green lentils and other specialty crops are also available.

Grow what markets demand. For more information about premium seed and availability, contact AGT Foods at 1-844-248-4AGT or email our Grain Buying staff at

Download the AGT Foods Seed Guide here.