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Malik Faba Bean


AGT Foods is proud to offer the Malik Faba Bean, the best-tasting faba bean in the world. Available exclusively through AGT Foods' Saskcan brand, the Malik Faba Bean is a quality, protein-packed bean with an excellent nutritional profile. A quality source of essential nutrients, faba beans are one of the most ancient plants in cultivation today and a traditional favourite around the world.

The Malik Faba Bean features an attractive large size and a dense, meaty texture preferred by consumers around the world. They are nutrient-rich, heart-healthy, low in fat and high in protein and fibre, making them one of the most versatile food sources available today.

The Malik Faba Bean is offered in Sortex quality and is packaged in a premium quality 25 or 50 kilogram laminated polypropylene bag.

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